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GroPAL Balance


Elaine, grass hay and pasture in northern Florida
We applied 40 ounces of GroPal Balance A the first of June. The first of August I saw that our hay had an additional 3" of growth. A friend of mine took a look at our hayfield, and was amazed. He wanted to know what we did, because, with the hot, dry conditions we have had over the past couple of months, other hay fields in the area had shown little or no growth . In fact, he said that they had turned brown and dry. Not only is our hay field still green all the way down to the root, but the grass is healthier and stronger.

What we are seeing is that the pasture is beginning to be thicker. A friend of ours that has had the same amount of rain has run out of grass and is feeding hay, while we have more grass than we can actually use for the number of cattle that we have.


Elaine, compaction is decreasing, southern GA, northern FL
One of the main reasons I wanted to try GroPal Balance is because of the compaction problems we are having with our soil. Paul assured me that compaction would gradually disappear after using GroPal Balance A, so we decided to try it on our 1,000 acres of pasture and grass hay.

Well, I have watched it work, and much more quickly than I had expected.  After just 3 weeks, where we applied GroPal Balance the soil probe would go down about 1" , but not at all in a control field. After just 2 months the soil probe goes down 2.5" where we applied the GroPal Balance A, but still won't even go into the soil in the control field.

Right after a rain I can go down 4" with the probe. The compaction is getting better. Before the GroPal Balance we had a lot of runoff, but not as much now. I believe this decrease in compaction is one of the reasons the rain is going in better, causing the grass to do better. I am really excited about what the GroPal Balance is doing for us.

My husband is a person who is not very easily convinced, he is a show-me person. But now, even though it has only been a little over 2 months since we applied the GroPal Balance he can see the difference himself, and he is becoming excited.

Elaine, early February, cattle fertility; clover
I believe the sea minerals in GroPal Balance will increase fertility. We have Heifers. Last year we had 5 sets of paternal twins, which is unheard of. Last year our 208 cows bred 224 calves.

The last few years our soil compaction has gotten worse and worse, and our clover wasn't doing anything. Today is February 1. We used GroPal Balance in July, and our clover is already 4" high. Our clover is back!

It also seems that the GroPal Balance is stimulating our grass seed to come up. When we sowed in previous years the grass was spotty at best. But this year where we have sown has filled up the pasture. Even my husband is amazed by this, and excited!

Oat farmer in Missouri
A friend of mine used GroPal Balance A this year. His sprayer doesn't have nozzles, but fans the application out from one nozzle. The ground tends to get a bit more right under the sprayer. So I went to look at his oat field with him and noticed that everywhere the tractor went there was a ridge of oats that were taller and darker green. This seems to demonstrate how a little heavier application can give better results.


Andrew Curtiss, Shalom Vegetables in Michigan
My experience with the GroPal Balance was excellent.  I grow CSA and farm market vegetables on a plot of land around 1 acre in size. It is land that had been used for conventional agriculture for 30 years prior to 2015.  On your recommendation I applied an equivalent of 40 oz. of Gro-Pal Balance to the acre in May of 2015.

To say I was impressed may be an understatement.  I planted 75 pounds of seed potatoes. My final potato harvest was in the 1200 pound range.  For nearly 6 weeks my shell peas produced large quantities of the sweetest peas I have grown. We picked off of our bush snap beans for over 6 weeks. When I quit picking them they were still flowering. By that time we had become completely sick of picking beans.

Overall the flavor of our produce this last year was exceptional. At the farmers market I was told every week how excellent our produce was. I have no doubt the Gro-Pal Balance was a major factor.

What impressed me the most was the plants ability to deal with stress. In mid-June we had almost five inches of rain in two days. I thought for sure I was going to loose half the garden, as it was under water for almost 12 hours. The plants pushed through. What followed was 21 days without rain. Never once in that time did I see a wilted plant.

When it came time to tear the garden down, I was blown away by the mycorrhizal fungi all over the roots of our plants. I firmly believe that symbiotic relationship between plant and root was the key to our success in 2015. The root structures were amazing. God's creation is truly amazing!  Thanks for an awesome product.

Roger Berns, WI
On my corn this year, the TDN was 87.95, protein was 10.56 and test weights were 60.9. A few stocks had 3 ears. The 3rd ear wasn't that large, but it was filled out. The man who bought the corn said, "Boy, this is heavy stuff". Others in my area said their corn yields were waty down, and they thought it was because of too much rain. But my corn yields were up with big ears. Some stalks were 12 feet tall.

On my pastures, I have 36 head on 19 acres. My cattle are fatter than a pumpkin, nice and round. My neighbor commented, "Boy, those cattle are round, and they are square in the top; they are in really good shape, nice and fat". My grazing fields last a lot longer with GroPal Balance. My thistles are gone; either the cows ate them or the grass squeezed them out.

My apples are delicious, and people tell me that my apple cider is extremely good. When they try other organic ciders, they buy mine.


Mark T., NEI
In 2015 I applied 10 gallons of fish per acre, some biological and some enzymes. In 2016 I didn't apply anything else but GroPal Balance. I broadcast 16 ounces, then put another 16 ounces in the row, on the seed. 2016 was a particularly dry year. Although my corn and sunflowers were under irrigation, I think the dry weather still has a negative effect.

Although didn't apply anything in 2016 but the GroPal Balance, my organic blue corn yielded 20% more and my sunflowers yielded 25% more than in 2015. Besides this, they had better color and vigor. They just weren't as vigorous before.

My dad even commented, "This stuff sure does work"! Where I applied GroPal Balance on my pasture, my Canadian Thistles turned yellow, and my buffalo ate them right down to the soil. I figure that the GroPal Balance made them more palatable.

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GroPal Balance will probably be the only fertilizer you will need for great pasture

Some may choose to further boost the process by adding a natural product like fish or kelp. However, though these are great products, you will probably find yourself producing amazing pastures without them!



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