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Overcoming Hardpan

How to Free Up Tight Soils

Compaction and hardpan cause numerous problems.

  1. Less water infiltration and drainage; precious water runs off or stands in the field instead of soaking in.
  2. Root penetration is decreased, resulting in reduced yields.
  3. Grassy weeds thrive in compact soils, and can become very problematic.

The best way to overcome hardpan

The best way to take out compaction and hardpan is not by plowing or using an aerator. Aeration may be helpful, but damages root structures.

The best way to improve soil tilth is to activate carbon sequestration. GroPal Balance is the best and fastest way we know of to do this.

GPB bacteria restore balance to the soil, removing toxins and salts. This balance is the perfect environment for the mycorrhizal fungi in GroPal Balance to flourish.

In response to a balanced soil and active mycorrhizal fungi, plants manufacture and secrete huge amounts of sugars into the soil (carbon sequestration) to feed our microorganisms.

Our bacteria use the sugars as gums and glues to bond soil particles together, creating a cozy living space for themselves.

Month after month, year after year microbes maintain aggregate stability and improve infiltration, but they do more than that. They stretch the boundaries of healthy soil deeper and deeper, which means that hard pan disappears!

Balancing soil nutrients

Magnesium tends to bind up the soil, while calcium causes soil particles to move apart for good aeration and drainage. GPB balances nutrients in the soil, including calcium.

Click here to see lab reports of a field before and after GPB is applied. Note that calcium (along with NPK) have all come way up after nutrients in the soil come more into balance. In the process, GPB helps to balance pH.

Customer experience

Elaine and her husband own a 1,000 acre farm in southern Georgia. Elaine called me when she saw an advertisement that GroPal Balance can help to take out compaction. She said that, even though they did rotational grazing, the compaction continued to get worse and worse, and now her clover just wasn't growing very well.

Elaine and her husband applied GroPal Balance A to their pastures and hay fields in mid-summer. Three weeks later she called to tell me that where she had applied GPB, her stakes were now going down into the soil 2.5 inches.

After 2 months Elaine called again to say that her stakes were now going down 4 inches, while in places she had not applied GPB they still wouldn't go in at all.

After 4 months Elaine called again to report that when she took her soil samples, the probe easily went in 6", and there was moisture at 5". This was pretty amazing to her, since it had been a hot, dry fall with very little moisture.

GroPal Balance not only removes compaction and hardpan, it flocculates the soil. Air flows down into the soil, supporting the life of our aerobic bacteria and helping them to take their structuring activities deeper and deeper.

We believe that GroPal Balance is the very best thing you can do to remove hardpan and compaction and highly structure your soil.

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